Wedding Hairstyles | Chula Stores

Dress, accessories, bridesmaids, lounge and, your hairstyle already ready?

With Chula Stores I’ll give you some tips so you can have a perfect hairstyle on your wedding day.

There are girls who like to wear little details in their hair, perhaps a crown, a flower or a bird like the one Carrie Bradshaw used in “Sex and The City”, but it is important that if you bring some accessory, you have it be able to contemplate it in your tests of hairstyle.


Remember to choose the hairstyle that goes best with your hair, and of course, with your style. If it is necessary and you like it, use some extensions, but from my point of view it is better to look natural than with something artificial.

Use a discreet tone of hair and if you have your hair mistreated, previously placed hair treatments to look perfect on your wedding day.

Girls with short hair, these hairstyles are for you!

Trends change day by day as designers launch their collections, sometimes they show us a look with long hair or short hair and we want to be in trend. Maybe you decided to cut your hair by trend or you just like to have it like this, these hairstyles are perfect for short hair. Although it will take a lot of time to fix your hair but you must be prepared.

“Cherubina” headdresses and hats are perfect for short hair. They give a classic style and are very simple. I recommend that if it is of your choice, choose a small cherubina and that is fit to the volume of your head.


A diadem with a little detail can also be a perfect accessory for your hairstyle. You must choose the detail very well, we do not want the simple to look awful.


With long hair you will have many options!

Women with long hair have more options but as we have more options to fix our hair takes longer to do so. But take your precautions!

Like for short haired girls, you should prepare your accessories, if you will.
The chongos never go out of style but in style. Forget the fixative and that no hair is lifted, having a disheveled hairstyle is today.

Including braids in your hair is the current trend, a braid on the opposite side and ending in chongo is ideal. With these hairstyles you can place any accessory or even your wedding veil.


Finally and my favorite are the semi-pigtails. The father of this hairstyle is that at the top you can give a little volume and tie your hair, then make waves and place it drop on your shoulder or in a normal way. This hairstyle will give you a lot of style and you’ll look super stylish.


Now you can choose your favorite! Do not forget to take into account the accessories you are going to use, such as flowers, hats or even your own wedding veil.

Remember to treat your hair so that it looks shiny and with a lot of life. It is necessary and highly recommended that before your wedding you perform two to four hairstyles so you can check which one fits you best and do not forget to contemplate the neckline of your dress. It’s also very important!