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Sometimes we think we know our body perfectly but when it comes to wearing it on the beach is when we go crazy. We want and want to look incredible and do not know how to do it. Wear swimwear leaves part of our skin in sight, let’s take advantage of this to see us spectacular!

Here we present the best cuts in swimsuits for different body types. It’s time to choose the right one!


Is your body called the “hourglass”? This type of body is distinguished to have very sharp curves and small waist. The cuts that you must use are thin breeches and below the waist. They can also wear panties with high waist, pin-up style. For the part of the bra you can use halter types and they have prints or details on the chest so you can create a small volume on your shoulders to make your body equivalent.


Inverted Triangle

The main feature of this body is to have broad back and too bust with small hips. The swimsuits you can choose from are high-waist or waist-high trousers and should include some details such as prints. For the bra you must place something that gives you a lot of support and that are halter or cross type.



The triangle body is characterized by having wide hips and the upper as breasts and back are less pronounced. For the part of the calzón you must use low-waist style and some prints to diminish the dimension of your hips. For the bra you should make use of the push-up. halter, prints, olanes, etc., the more details you have the better you need to highlight your bust.



Square bodies are a little complicated when choosing a swimsuit. You can know if your body is square because you do not have pronounced curves in waist or hip. It’s easy to spot! To be able to choose a good bathtub you must buy breeches where the sides have tie strings or detail that will enlarge your bottom. For the part of the bra you should use a halter style with details such as prints or rhinestones, this will help you to frame more your shoulders and even your breasts if they are small.


And lastly we have swimsuits for curvy body, this body type is my favorite because they look extraordinary.

The tip for this type of bodies is to look skin strategically so you can show off your attributes.

For the breeches it is advisable to use high-waist, pleated and draped. To hide the tummy you can use side panels to thin the figure. For the bra choose a lot of support, the rods will provide it. Use healter type and straps too thick. You can wear strapless but watch out! these should provide the perfect support to lift the bust.

And finally choose dark tones, they will help you to decrease the volume of your figure.


So you have no excuse to look amazing on this vacation.

Do not forget to complement your beach outfit with your Chula sandals, which you can customize with the style of your swimwear.

Best of luck in choosing your bathtub!