The Style Sneakers, do it! | Chula Stores

Lately we have seen that more girls choose to look comfortable and very chic, and this is thanks to the combination of Sneakers Style in our outfits.

Some people have chosen to put aside the stilettos and wear more comfortable clothes for the day to day. But, HIGH! you must know how to combine them and what clothes to wear so that you do not look lethal.

Do not limit yourself and create your own Style Sneakers!

Here I will leave you a list of outfits combined with sneakers that we have seen that are very common among us.

Romantic date?

The perfect excuse to look comfortable and very feminine! Combining a dress or skirt with sneakers will result in a fresh look and without much effort. Whether long dresses or fouls above the knee you can combine slip or boot style sneakers, both types are a good combination for a cool outfit. Mix T-shirt with prints to give a youthful style.

Caution chaparritas! If you are of small stature avoids wearing skirts or long dresses, since visually you will make your height decrease even more. Take care of this!


In the office

Sneaker in the office? Yes! They are the best combination and my favorite. It makes us look very casual, youthful and very chic. Break with the schemes of tailors costumes and godin style.

The secret is to wear jeans or leggings, shirt or t-shirt with prints and a smooth blazer. You must play with the colors and textures of your clothes so that you can achieve a good combination. And obviously some sneakers like “Choclo”. Dare to use accessories such as maxi-necklaces, watches or even a clutch bag or tote to complement your office outfit.


Departure with friends!

These outings are unexpected and you must fix yourself in 1, 2 by 3.

Casual outings with your friends and / or friends are perfect for looking amazing and you can not put a pretext to not see you well. So you should choose to mix skinny pants with simple t-shirts and use Nike or Adidas sneakers. You can give a bonus to your outfit if you fold your skinny to the height of your ankle, put a pashmina or some jacket that matches the colors of your outfit.

Remember that to show off a father outfit your sneakers should be super clean and in good condition, especially if they are sneakers in white.


Dare to look different with this list of outfits Chula Stores collect for you!