Look thinner, can you?

Girls, there’s no denying it! There are days that we hate our figure and there are other days that we love as we look, this is due to the type of garments we use or are simply zero creative to play with our clothes. The usual theme will be, how do you look thinner? But for this we must accept and love ourselves as we are, the rest is simply looking beautiful and spectacular with some tricks that I will leave here.

The tips that Chula Stores will tell you, are based mainly on wearing garments and play with them to put together an outfit that visually helps you look slimmer.

Of course you can look thinner!

Belts, now!

There are complete garments such as the palazzo or the dresses to which you can attach a wide belt or some tape (proportional size) to the waist. This will help you to create a smaller waist visually and why not, you can lengthen your legs and look very chic.

look thinner

The color of the Goddesses!

The basic color that can not be missing in our wardrobe and is the one that saves us from any setback is the color black. We’ve all heard that we should always use this color to create a thinner look and it’s true! Even our grandmothers mention it. It is the best tip for this section only that you should not abuse it, you will look like a portrait !. Try combining your garments in black with flashy accessories, stilettos or flats of different colors or just use some attractive handbag. Do not close your opportunities to use other colors.

look thinner

V-shaped necklines

Using necklines on us is very sexy but takes great care of how you use them. Include your neckline outfit with this cut to help you accentuate your waist and the appearance of your torso lengthens proportionally.

look thinner

Clothing of your size

We have to accept girls, in our wardrobe we have more than one garment that is not our size. Do not buy more clothes that you do not have are clothes that will only make you look bad and in the end it will end up being a bad investment, do not you think?


I can consider that this is the best tip not only to look a thinner figure, but also to disguise many things that we like our body. Try to make the prints proportionate in your outfit, for example, if you use prints on your t-shirt and do not use more in pants or what you are going to complement.

look thinner

Heels, another level!

The heels always and forever stylize our figure when we use them, this will depend on the height they have.

look thinner

Are you ready to show a different look? Do not be afraid it is always better to dare and clear you must play with the clothes of your wardrobe. Get inspired in Social Networks so you can create your own outfits.

It will always be a women’s topic!