Heels: the most loved by women.

“Heels are a painful pleasure.” Christian Louboutin

A pair of heels is the perfect feeling of a woman. They are great clothes that we must have in our closet. They make us look perfect, super feminine and are an accessory that helps us to stylize our figure but not everything is perfect.

Heels can be the best allies or even the worst enemies of your feet. They tend to cause fatigue and pain after a couple of hours, even problems in the spine who use them frequently.

Chula Stores brings you useful tips that you can take into account so that you and your pair of heels become the best friends.

Uses platform

When choosing a new pair of shoes, take into account the platform, as this can reduce the height and decreases the inclined position of your feet.


Little by little

If you start wearing heels and you do not know how to walk with them or you just can not stand them for a long time, start using 5cm heels so that your feet get accustomed to having a sloping position. Gradually increase the height as you go feeling more comfortable.

Buy your size!

Although it seems more than obvious we must buy shoes that fit us perfectly. Not so small so they do not hurt us and not so great to prevent our feet from going forward and we have to do strength with our fingers, that tires too!

Walk, Do not Run!

It is not the same as running with super comfortable flats to run with a pair of heels of 15 centimeters. Avoid running or doing a quick walk, first get ready, train with your heels so you can run with them.


The remedy of the granny

If your shoes slip after treading different types of soil it is better that before doing them you make some cuts in parallel lines with scissors or a knife. This will help you to avoid slipping and having a bad fall.


The perfect plan!

If you are a woman who uses a pair of heels but after the passage of time prefers to feel comfortable, do not forget a pair of flats, they will be your best ally to rest from your heels.

The heels are nice but …!

Do not abuse them. The heels are very glamorous and perfect for any occasion. There are all kinds, colors, sizes, open, closed and many more but you should not abuse them because in the long run they can affect you. Do not forget that whenever you stop using your heels make a small massage with creams so that your feet rest properly and are ready for the next round.