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Tornasol colors or hologram fabrics continue to speak in today’s fashion. Want to know more about the litmus fashion? Do not miss this note that Chula Stores prepared for you!

Fashion hologram or litmus, whatever you want to call it!

Both names are valid since the 90’s, this fashion has existed and has not wanted to die. The trend consists of garments with colorful fabrics, with an incredible shine! Previously it could only exist in clothes but nowadays the fashion hologram has taken hold of accessories, shoes and even makeup.

In previous years we have seen that fashion takes over gold and silver, although they are a single tone, become exaggerated in some outfits. The litmus is the combination of many colors in metallic tones that you can see in a single garment or accessories.

You should be very careful when using this fashion as it is easy to load and in the end you will not want to draw attention wrongly, so if you intend to carry the litmus trend, do it in small quantities.

fashion hologram

Beware of ostentatious garments such as hologram plated jackets or pants adjusted with this finish, you will not want to look like an astronaut or a rocker lost in another era, by its very nature, litmus fashion must be known to wear.

Dare yourself!

The outifts that we are going to show you next are for daring girls but it is only recommended that you use them at night. They are dresses that for an evening event can look incredible. You should consider knowing how to mix your accessories and shoes, because if you put more ostentatious things you can look very bad.

fashion hologram

If you love shoes, you like the trend but you are not able to wear clothes to show off the fashion, you can do it with a pair of heels or tennis! It is also a way to show off this trend. It is more discreet and super cool.

fashion hologram


What if we use it in our accessories? You will be in trend and use will be less. Backpacks are our favorite, you can use them to go to school.

fashion hologram

Now you know that the fashion hologram is still in trend, will you dare to use it?

Share with Chula Stores your outfits and your opinions about this crazy trend.