Curvy Trends for this Summer | Chula Stores

Curvy girls were not considered for fashion a trend or models until today. The paradigm has been completely broken and high-prestige brands have been using Curvy models to be the image of their campaigns. Fashion is evolving and now curvy trends are the best thing for them.

These are the Curvy Trends!

All will want to look spectacular this summer and no wonder what are the current trends to show off your cute curvy body. Chula Stores gives you a list of trends and what you should consider to have basics in your wardrobe.

Tall High Skirts.

The skirts with high waist and olanes will help you visually reduce the size of your bottom. You will look amazing with this type of skirts if you combine them with stilletos, use contrasts to look elegant. If your skirt has prints, use a smooth T-Shirt so that it falls in an excellent contrast and you can complement with a necklace.

Curvy Trends

Long Sleeve Tops

If you want to look casual or just feel comfortable, wear some long sleeve top with jeans. To this combination you can involve some sneakers or flats depending on what outfit you want to achieve.

Curvy Trends

Dresses or Black Palazzos

This is another one of the Curvy Trends that follows and you will still be the favorite. The best and ideal color to diminish the size of your hips is to use the black color. If you are a person who loves your curves but you feel that you look very curvy use this color. This does not mean that you always wear black, dare to combine other shades with different types of clothes. Dresses and palazzos are the perfect garment for curvy girls. Make sure these garments have up to your ankle so you can combine them with a pair of stilettos.

Curvy Trends

Blazer and Kimonos

This garment can be part of your outfit making it perfect. Wearing a blazer or a kimono will be an excellent plus if you wear t-shirt, skirt or shorts. The kimonos usually have prints, be careful to mix this with more prints.

Curvy Trends

Now consider these trends to look extraordinary. Shine your curves and be the best in fashion.

Today’s the curvy girls!