S.O.S! My hair has frizz

Does your hair look frizzy, rebellious and full of frizz? Follow these tips that Chula Stores gives you so you can have an enviable and healthy hair. Before repairing the damage, you should know that frizz is the frizz or frizz of the hair and the manifestation of static electricity in the hair. And that […]

Wedding Hairstyles | Chula Stores

Dress, accessories, bridesmaids, lounge and, your hairstyle already ready? With Chula Stores I’ll give you some tips so you can have a perfect hairstyle on your wedding day. There are girls who like to wear little details in their hair, perhaps a crown, a flower or a bird like the one Carrie Bradshaw used in […]

Heels: the most loved by women.

“Heels are a painful pleasure.” Christian Louboutin A pair of heels is the perfect feeling of a woman. They are great clothes that we must have in our closet. They make us look perfect, super feminine and are an accessory that helps us to stylize our figure but not everything is perfect. Heels can be […]

Fashion hologram | Chula Stores

Tornasol colors or hologram fabrics continue to speak in today’s fashion. Want to know more about the litmus fashion? Do not miss this note that Chula Stores prepared for you! Fashion hologram or litmus, whatever you want to call it! Both names are valid since the 90’s, this fashion has existed and has not wanted […]

Lipstick for Summer | Chula Stores

What if! Summer is not only to show the best trends in outfits, you should also get into trend with your lipstick. Here we leave you some colors of Summer Lipstick that you can use while you enjoy the holidays. Super in! Lips “Nude” have become great trend that was put by the Kardashian. And […]

The Style Sneakers, do it! | Chula Stores

Lately we have seen that more girls choose to look comfortable and very chic, and this is thanks to the combination of Sneakers Style in our outfits. Some people have chosen to put aside the stilettos and wear more comfortable clothes for the day to day. But, HIGH! you must know how to combine them […]

Curvy Trends for this Summer | Chula Stores

Curvy girls were not considered for fashion a trend or models until today. The paradigm has been completely broken and high-prestige brands have been using Curvy models to be the image of their campaigns. Fashion is evolving and now curvy trends are the best thing for them. These are the Curvy Trends! All will want […]

Swimsuits, find the ideal! | Chula Stores

Sometimes we think we know our body perfectly but when it comes to wearing it on the beach is when we go crazy. We want and want to look incredible and do not know how to do it. Wear swimwear leaves part of our skin in sight, let’s take advantage of this to see us […]

Tattoos of the World of Fashion | Chula Stores

These tattooed models broke the barriers of expectations and labels, became famous in the midst of fashion and advertising for their charisma, beauty, style and others for the rare tattoos. At Chula Stores we invite you to get to know them! Tattoos of the World of Fashion There are times we wonder why these models […]