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At Chula Stores we will give you some tips before you travel and advice on clothing for the beach that you must wear to show off an excellent outfit. You will love it!


Have you planned your next vacation? Summer is already close and you should be prepared to enjoy the sun, beach and sand.

The most difficult time for this holiday is when we take time to prepare our bags and know what clothes to wear. Sometimes we want to wear the entire wardrobe but, you can not! and, that’s where we must define our outfits.

We recommend you pack your suitcase at least 5 days before your trip, this is to contemplate what clothes you think to wear, arm your outfits and if you need some supplement you can go to buy it. Really the outfit for the beach is simple but this is NO! it means that you will go to the beach as if you were at home in a day of “pelis” resting, put effort to see you incredible in your vacations.

Let’s start!

  • Fresh and versatile clothing. Consider that you will go to a hot place where the sun will be your companion throughout the day, wearing fabrics breathable and thin.

In your suitcase you should not miss clothes of all kinds, plan your trip and the places you will visit to bring versatile or ad hoc clothing to the place. If you go out partying at night you wear long or short dresses but are made of thin fabrics. Do not stop! On the beach you can combine many colors, prints and types of clothing.

  • Bikini. The most important garment, the famous bathers. There are many colors, models and styles. Take the one that you like and clear with which you feel confident of yourself.


  • Handbags. When they ask me, what is my favorite bag for the beach ?, I always choose a Shopper or Tote bag but not for every moment is the perfect one. So in my suitcase I added my Pyramid Glitter Black Bag or my favorite Cover Garden from Chula Stores Mexico, they are super practical and very comfortable to carry the essentials in our bag.Beachwear
  • Hats and sunglasses. These accessories are very important, besides looking amazing you can protect yourself from the rays of the sun. You can choose a versatile hat in beige, my favorites are Panamanians and some sunglasses in dark colors, for example black.Beachwear
  • Sandals. A pair of sandals are enough for your trip. Chula Stores Mexico gives us the versatility to personalize our sandals. You can wear only soles and change the strips for a variety of colors or you can take your soles click and change the tops depending on the outfit you wear.Beachwear

There are a variety of soles, straps, tops and socks that will make you look perfect without wearing so many pairs of shoes. You can save space in your suitcase!

So you already know what clothes for the beach you should take to your next trip. prepare your suitcase early enough so that you do not “grab the races” and do not forget to look amazing on the beach.

If you want to know more about the products of Chula Stores I invite you to visit our website where you can know the great variety of sandals we have for you.

Do not forget to share these tips with your friends for your next summer vacation!